Exciting delivery today .....
I now have training leads which are very handy as they loop over your shoulder leaving your hands free to concentrate on having fun & giving goodies to your doggy friend. I also have treat pouch's which attach to belts/ belt tags etc to keep your treats handy but easily accessible. The rubber balls pictured are really cool they have areas in both
  half’s to hide edible goodies , very handy as an agility reward
Vouchers can be arranged as gifts for Christmas {or any time} . They can be arranged for a single "try out class", part payment or full payment for a complete course. Contact me for further details.
Bailey seemed well impressed with his afternoon activity !! cheese, tennis balls and jumping around what more could a wee fella want !! He took to the jumps & tunnels very quickly and wasnt in the least bit put out when the rain came.
 Well done to the two pairs of dog & doggy handler who came out to "try-out" class  today , Irish weather could have been kinder at the end but you all did really well ! I hope you enjoyed it.

Fun Class will help boast her confidence 
Mia & Gary called by today to attend a "Try-out " class, Gary is hoping the fun agility class will help boast her confidence. Mia is a rescue dog and has come on leaps & bounds in life. She did very well seeing lots of new things today. She wasnt too interested in treats but hugs & play with her owner
made all the difference !
It began to rain towards the end of our session so she looks abit damp in the pic - home to dry off by a lovely fire !!
Dates set for January 2013 and bookings accepted for
Beginners Jumps & Tunnels Course
Starting sunday 6th January for 6 weeks @ 3pm

Vouchers can be arranged as gifts for Christmas {or any time} . They can be arranged for a single "try out class", part payment or full payment for a
complete course. Contact me for further details.

If you can not make up your mind whether you would like to attend a course why not come along and do a single
 "class try out" to help you make up your mind. These cost €20 and can be arranged at a convenient time. Contact me
    Tante & me @ KC International Festival 2011


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